Spend Christmas in Prague 2023 | Christmas Lights, Shows, and Ice Skating

The capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague, is noted for its colorful buildings, historical monuments, and architecturally significant sites. It has many activities available during the Christmas season. If you happen to be in Prague during Christmas, you are bound to witness one of the most beautiful Christmas celebrations of your lifetime.

Why spend Christmas in Prague?

Christmas in Prague - Why Spend Christmas in Prague?
  • Even though Prague is quite beautiful all year round, it looks a bit more appealing covered in a blanket of snow during Christmas.
  • Christmas markets selling a variety of traditional delicacies and handcrafted goods are set up all across Prague.
  • The Christmas tree in Old Town Square is lit up. The Old Town Square and the city center come alive with people for this very popular event, which takes place in the evening.
  • Most of the towers in the City of Spires are decorated with lights. The city skyline is a sight to behold.
  • You can experience the traditional Czech Christmas dinner that features carp fish that are locally sourced.

Top 8 things to do during Christmas in Prague

Christmas in Prague - Christmas markets

1. Visit the Christmas markets

Europe in December is synonymous with Christmas markets. So put on some comfy shoes and hit the ground running in Prague, with several Christmas booths and markets spread across the city. Visiting Christmas markets puts you in a festive mood like nothing else.

The best Christmas markets of the season are in:

Christmas in Prague - Christmas lights

2. See the Christmas lights

Prague is known for its towers and spires. All of these towers, historical buildings, and stores across the city are decked up in pretty lights during Christmas, making it a spectacle like no other. Just head out into the streets and you’ll find the Christmas spirit all around you.

The best Christmas light displays can be seen at:

Christmas in Prague - Ice skating

3. Go Ice Skating in the City

Ice skating is a must-do activity for everyone visiting Prague during the Christmas season. Although skating on actual ice during Christmas has its own appeal, this sport is also offered during other seasons in artificially made ice skating facilities.

Check out the best places to go ice skating here:

Christmas in Prague - Trdelník

4. Try Trdelník

Hollowed-out pastry dough topped with cinnamon sugar and soft-serve ice cream makes up this well-known Czech treat. According to Czech locals, this is one of the most favored festive treats and if you find yourself in Prague in December, this is a must-try.

Best Trdelník in Prague can be found in:

Christmas in Prague - Christmas shows

5. Watch Christmas Shows

Experience the mesmerizing choirs, orchestras, and dance performances presented by talented artists as Prague, steeped in musical history, hosts these events across its theaters during the festive Christmas season.

The best shows in Prague can be seen at:

Christmas in Prague - Christmas dinner at Mlynek

6. Enjoy a Christmas Dinner at Mlynek

The Mlynec restaurant is a well-known dining spot in Prague. It is a modern restaurant with a chic atmosphere inspired by Czech culture and allows you to see the impressive twilight vistas of the Charles Bridge through its big glass windows.

Other great places to dine in Prague are:

Christmas in Prague - Walking around Vltava River

7. Walk Along the Vltava River

The only thing more beautiful than Prague in December is Prague at night in December when the city is bathed in a warm amber glow from Christmas lights. Take a stroll from the Prague Dancing House down to the Charles Bridge to see some breathtaking views and click stunning photos of the city for your social media.

Christmas in Prague - Top of Old Town Tower

8. Climb to the top of Old Town Tower

Old Town Tower is one of the best vantage points to see the city views from, especially at Christmas when you can observe the Christmas markets and their activities from a bird's eye perspective. The cost of the ticket is approximately €9, and if you don't feel like climbing the stairs, you may also take the elevator to the top. The view at sunset is highly sought after by tourists and locals alike.

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Frequently asked questions about celebrating Christmas in Prague

Is Christmas a good time to visit Prague?

Yes, Christmas is a good time to visit Prague. Prague’s unparalleled beauty is only enhanced by the Christmas festivities, lights, and snowfall.

What are some things to do in Prague on Christmas?

Some of the things that you must do in Prague at Christmas are ice skating, visiting the Christmas markets, walking down the streets to watch the Christmas lights, and dining at some of the best Prague restaurants.

What is Christmas in Prague like?

Christmas in Prague is among one of the most beautiful in Europe. The city decks up in pretty lights, the various local traditions are carried out zealously by the residents, and tourists from all over the world join the celebrations to make it a truly mesmerizing affair.

What is the weather like at Christmas in Prague?

The temperature often dips below 0 degrees. Make sure to carry enough warm clothes to cover all parts of the body.

Does it snow at Christmas in Prague?

Snow is quite likely during Christmas in Prague.

Is Prague crowded at Christmas?

Christmas in Prague is quite famous, making the city a bit more crowded. However, it doesn’t get in the way of enjoying Christmas festivities.

What’s open in Prague on Christmas?

Most of the businesses are open in Prague until noon on Christmas eve. After that, museums and other attractions close down.

What is the most popular Christmas market in Prague?

The most popular Christmas market in Prague is in Old Town Square.

Are restaurants open on Christmas in Prague?

Yes, most of the restaurants are open on Christmas in Prague and offer special menus.

What are the best places to stay in Prague on Christmas?

One of the must-stay places in Prague during Christmas is Hotel Josef. It affords great views of the city during the festivities. You can also consider Botel Matylda and Hotel Golden Crown.

What should I eat in Prague at Christmas?

You must try Trdelník, Český kapr, Bramborový Salát, and Vánoční cukroví when in Prague during Christmas.

What are the best restaurants for Christmas in Prague?

Some of the best restaurants for Christmas in Prague are Kampa Park Restaurant, Mlynec Restaurant, Café Imperial, La Bottega Linka, and Amano.

Where can I see the Christmas lights in Prague?

Na Příkopě, Pařížská, and Kaprova are some of the best places to see the Chrismas lights in Prague.

What are some Christmas traditions in Prague?

Foretelling the future using food items, putting honey on the face, watching fairy tales on television on Christmas eve, carrying a carp scale to ensure financial flourish, and opening presents at midnight are some of the Christmas traditions in Prague.